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Technical connection and provision of energy resources
  • Technical connection to the utility network
  • Provision of energy resources
Construction services
  • Construction management
  • Technical supervision
  • Main contractor
  • Construction supervision
Operation services
  • Technical maintenance and repairs to building in-house utility systems
  • Technical maintenance and repairs to utility networks
  • Cleaning and sanitary treatment to buildings, rooms and open territories
  • Electric supervisor services
  • Power supply network supervisor
  • Power resources quality control services
  • Landscape development services
  • Instrumentation and controls services
  • Security services for industrial objects
  • Fire safety services
Property lease
  • Capital assets lease
  • Movable assets lease
Telecom services
  • Telecom services
  • IT infrastructure use
  • Information services
Other services
  • Logistics and transport services
  • Legal and property support
  • Tender management
  • Copying-duplicating services
  • Customs broker services
  • Consultancy services

Lease rates

Land lot lease

The lease rates are calculated based on the tenant category and amount of investments

 With total investments:
< 10  mln EUR  
> 10  mln EUR  
> 20  mln EUR  
> 30  mln EUR  
 Land lease rate:
690 RUR /ha/year
621 RUR /ha/year

483 RUR /ha/year

345 RUR /ha/year

Once the construction is completed the tenant has a right to purchase the land lot

1 ha = RUR 6 902

Facilities lease

Heated industrial facility

Lease rate 300 RUR/m2/month


Lease rate 500 RUR/m2/month

Unheated industrial facility

Lease rate 300 RUR/m2/month

Heated warehouse

Lease rate 350 RUR/m2/month

Training center

4 000+
Jobs will be created in Moglino SEZ

The need for skilled specialists will be covered with the help of the tailored training center which is designed to train staff both for the management company and for the production facilities.

Qualified labor force for SEZ tenants will be trained together with the Institute of Technical Education (Singapore)

The key target of the training center is:

Resident relations

Russia, Pskov +7 (8112) 68-20-80
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