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About the region

Welcome to Pskov!
Mihail Vedernikov
Governor of the Pskov region
Pskov region is a dynamically developing area located in the north west of Russia. It borders on European countries (Latvia and Estonia) and Belarus. Unique geographical location and excellent transport accessibility allow for unlimited business opportunities.

In order to improve investment attractiveness of the region we have launched an ambitious project of Moglino industrial special economic zone under the auspices of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation.

Our region possesses a number of strategic benefits and the most important is our favorable investment climate. We provide tax privileges and investment project management tools. The work of the Administration of the Pskov region is aimed at providing a comprehensive support to the projects as every investor is essential to us.

Economy and priority directions

Pskov region has a diversified economy which is dominated by small and medium enterprises. This allows investors finding potential partners in many areas of cooperation.

The key economy sectors in the region are manufacturing (processing industries), transport and telecom. Strategic directions for the regional economy are agriculture, machinery equipment, tourism, construction and logistics.

O v e r 300 industrial enterprises
out of which
  • 42 – machinery and equipment, electric equipment
  • 58 – food production
  • 83 – wood processing
  • 11 – construction
  • 13 – metallurgical production

Major industrial companies

ZHBI-1 factory

Reinforced concrete products

​Pskovgeocabel factory

Armoured carrying logging cable

​Pskovelectrosvar factory

Electric welding equipment

Polyplast fac​tory

galvanic equipment with corrosion proof coating

AVAR factory

Electric equipment for automotive industry

Electric machinery factory

Design and production of high- and low-voltage equipment


Cable production


Hydraulic lifting machines


Machines for conduit capital repairs

​Siloviye Mashiny – Reostat factory

Large electric machines for mining excavators, drilling machines, BelAZ dumpers

​Veliky Luki alkaline battery factory

Alkaline batteries and accumulators

And 200 manufacturing units more

Foreign trade

Китай Германия Латвия

On September 25, 2012 the Pskov region launched a project on simplified border crossing for international vehicles at the border crossing point Kunichina Gora – Koidula. 

Now, international vehicles carrying automobiles (car carriers) use a separate lane to cross the border in simplified order and travel to the temporary storage warehouse located in half a kilometer from the border. 

This simplified order includes a separate line and parking for car carriers and a dedicated window for customs transit procedure at Kunichina Gora border crossing point.

In 2013 Pskov region foreign turnover was USD 1 031,3 mln. 42% of the foreign turnover was with such major partners as China, Germany, and Latvia. In total, in 2013 the Pskov region traded with 103 countries.

Pskov provides developed infrastructure for foreign trade. Border crossing in the Pskov region is catered by two customs – Pskov customs (in the north of the region) and Sebezh customs (in the south of the region). There are 11 border crossing points: one airport, 7 automobile, 3 railway, and 21 customs posts.

Under the ‘Concept of customs clearance and customs control in the locations close to the border’ customs and logistics infrastructure is currently being developed along the border on the European Union. At present, there are 11 customs and logistics terminals are operating in the Pskov region. Logistics terminals provide customs clearance, temporary storage and other services.

Utility network connection

The tenants are provided with guaranteed utility supply for the period of construction and operation. On the border of each land lot there is an access point to the utility network which is provided free of charge.

  • Water supply
  • Water removal
  • Storm water drainage
  • VoIP
  • Motorway
  • Railroad
  • Gas supply
  • Power supply

4900 cub m / day

for industrial needs

756 cub m

for fire fighting needs

Common water supply source based on underground water intake

  • 11 km of water supply networks
  • 1st and 2nd lift pump station
  • Water treatment plant
  • Pure water reserve

3500 cub m / day

forecasted industrial waste water production

Developed water removal network with local water treatment facilities, two sewerage pump stations and connection to the water removal system of Pskov city

60 000 cub m / day

waste water for treatment

Common storm water treatment facilities with accumulating tanks

Automated telephone exchange with extensions. DECT radio access system. Wire internet

Speed change lanes

Service road parallel to A212 for transport travelling from A212 to the site

In-site category II roads for LMV and trucks 

Railway access can be constructed

33480 thous. nm3/year

Underground gas main, medium pressure, parallel to the in-site road main

110/10 kV substation. Installed capacity 120 MVA

Power supply network is designed as treed system with medium voltage line for voltage distribution.

Infrastructure objects construction schedule

Water supply
Gas supply
Power supply
Transport infrastructure
Customs infrastructure
Business center
2015 2016


Customs benefits for Moglino SEZ tenants

Customs duties and taxes under ‘free customs zone’ procedure.

ENTRANCE payments under ‘free customs zone’ procedure:

 Foreign goods
 Under ‘free customs zone’ procedure
 VAT – 0%
 Entrance duty – 0%
Without ‘free customs zone’ procedure
 ‘Release for domestic consumption’ procedure: 
 VAT – 18%
 Entrance duty – according to the customs tariff
 Customs Union goods
 Under ‘free customs zone’ procedure
 Export duties – 0%
 VAT – refunded by Taxation service
 Without ‘free customs zone’ procedure -

EXPORT from Moglino SEZ to the Customs Union:

 Foreign goods
‘Release for domestic consumption’ procedure:
 Import customs duty – according to the customs tariff without customs union goods cost
VAT – 18%
 Customs Union goods
 Reimport customs procedure:
 Export customs duties – 0%
 VAT – 0%
 Product produced from foreign goods and customs union goods
Foreign goods
 The following customs procedures are available: 
 - release for domestic consumption
 Import customs duty – according to the customs tariff
 VAT – 18%
 - customs warehouse
 - processing in the customs territory
 - processing for domestic consumption
 - temporary import
 - duty-free trade
 - destruction - abandonment to the State

EXPORT from Moglino SEZ to the territories beyond the Customs Union:

 Foreign goods
 Re-export customs procedure:
 Entrance duty – 0%
 Export duty – 0%

VAT – 0%

 Customs Union goods
Export procedure:
Export customs duty – according to the customs tariff
 Product produced from foreign goods and customs union  goods
 Acknowledged customs union goods
Export procedure:
Entrance customs duty – 0%
VAT – 0%
Export customs duty – according to the customs tariff
Acknowledged foreign goods
Re-export customs procedure:
Entrance customs duty – 0%
Export customs duty – 0% VAT – 0%

Tax benefits for Moglino SEZ tenants

Common SEZ benefits:

 1. Tenants of any SEZ get a reduced profit tax rate for the part of the tax paid to the budget of the region of the Russian Federation

 2. Tenants are released from property tax for 5-10 years (depending on the SEZ type) from the day of registration under the following conditions:

- the property was created or purchased to perform activities in the SEZ territory;

- the property is located in the SEZ territory;

- the property is used in the SEZ territory in fact.

 3. Transport tax benefits are defined by the regions of the Russian Federation hosting the SEZ. The tenants get the benefit from the day of the vehicle registration.

 4. Tenants are released from the federal land tax for 5-10 years (depending on the SEZ type) from the day of the property right registration for this land lot.

 Additional benefits to Moglino SEZ tenant

 Tax rate without benefits
 Tax rate with benefits, %
 Benefit duration
 Profit tax, %
(to the regional budget)

18% 0 %  2013-2019
aw of the Pskov region from October 12, 2005 № 473-ОЗ
3 %  2020-2021
10 %  2022-2023
13,5 %  upwards 2024 (until SEZ is active)
 Property tax, %
 2.2% of the average annual value of the property
0%  10 months from the first month after the property registration
 par. 17 art. 381, Taxation code of the Russian Federation
 Land tax, %
1,5% 0%  5 years from the ownership right registration for every land lot separately
 par. 9 art. 395, Taxation code of the Russian Federation
Transport tax (RUR / HP)
 10-500 RUR / HP
0%  10 years from the vehicle registration
Law of the Pskov region from October 12, 2005 № 473-ОЗ as amended on November 07, 2013 № 1323-ОЗ
Insurance fees*, %
34% 14%  until 2017
 par. 2 art. 427, Tax code
* only for tenants performing technical innovations
21% 2018 


One-stop shop

Moglino SEZ management company performs tenant services under one-stop shop procedure. This allows for maximal simplification of the application processes and general work flow for the tenants.

One-stop shop targets::

Tenant status acquisition

1 Registration

Develop a business plan. Register a legal body in the Pskov district of the Pskov region

2 Presentation

Present the business plan to the Supervisory and the Expert Board

3 Agreement signing

Sign a tripartite agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and Moglino SEZ, JSC


Business plan development in accordance with the
template approved by the Order of the Ministry of
Economic development of the Russian Federation
for the presentation at the Expert council 
on the industrial production SEZ

Marketing surveys of the target markets

Investor relations

Russia, Pskov +7 (8112) 68-20-80
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