Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области

About Pskov region

  • 45 km to the border on EU
  • Population 629, 651
  • Total area 55, 300 km2
  • 15, 017 industrial companies

About SEZ

297,5 hа
Moglino SEZ total area
6,4 км
Transport infrastructure
5000 m2
Standard designed factory area
49 years
SEZ duration


The project aims at integrated cross-border regional cooperation;

  • economic and technological development for the thriving local community;
  • attract foreign capital and financial tools to leverage industrial growth.

Our Mission

  • The maintenance of the 300 ha land lot, completed industrial infrastructure
  • Providing a dedicated assistance for residents;

Moglino's business-model implies designing the hub of innovative manufacturing, finance and education; we stand for proposition as the new business model at the European market.

A problem worth solving:

Organic transformation towards trans-border cooperation as well as competing technologies and the necessity in new approaches to work, converging Moglino Mission, European Industrial clusters and Supply Chain Framework.

Our partnership extends beyond business goals, delivering the common Value Chain and Framework.

  • Our proposal includes modern infrastructure in 300 ha land lot;
  • Tailored support to investors individual business model, including assistance in documents development, pre-commissioning engineering works and facilities maintenance.

Start with us for great opportunities: Moglino USP (unique selling proposition)

  • Low capital requirements: the minimal capital investment amounts to 1.7 mln euros, started from 600k euros has to be invested within the three years;
  • Land sale and land lease prices are the lowest among any land proposals: 100 euro/ha to purchase; 6 euro/ha annually to lease;
  • Financial tools (bond and equity issues, leasing and loans) under Russian and European trade regulations;

*** Tax preferences under our USP: 0 property tax, 0 income tax within 6 years, and reduced rate 11th year upwards;

Customs benefits for residents

Tenants are exempt from property tax for the period of 10 years after the property registration.
Moglino SEZ tenants are exempt from land tax for the period of 5 years after the property right to land lot located thereof, appeared (according to par. 9 art. 395 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
For Moglino SEZ tenants the vehicle tax is 0% for the period of 10 years after the vehicle registration.
Startup capital to LAUNCH Design and Manufacturing is only 600 thousand euro (in rubles) within first 3 years

Turnkey solutions for your business

Characteristics of industrial facility in Moglino SEZ:

  • Total production area 3,740 m2;
  • Total office area 1,260 m2;
  • Total length of production facility 96.6 m;
  • Width of production facility 39 m;
  • Height to truss bottom 9.090 m;
  • Overhead crane is not possible;
  • Office layout and arrangement design to be developed and implemented by the tenant;
  • The industrial facility is provided with all energy resources.

Infrastructure solutions:

Connection to energy resources is free of charge.

  1. Gas supply 122 th.n.m3/year

    • In-site gas distribution network - 4.6 km
    • Pipeline - mean pressure 0.3 Mpa
  2. Power supply 120 MVА

    • In-site power substation - PS 110/10 kW;
    • 3*40 MVA TS 10 kV — 5 pcs
    • Power supply II category
  3. Water supply 4900 m3/day

    • 5 artesian wells
    • 720 m3/day — household and drinking needs
    • 4180 m3/day — production and fire protection needs
  4. Wastewater removal 3,500 m3/day

    • SPS — 2 pcs.
    • (capacity 216 m3/h and 360 m3/h)
    • 7.06 km - piping length
  5. Transport infrastructure 6,4 кm

    • Outbound and in-site automobile roads 6.4 km

Land lease price at Moglino SEZ is from 310 rub. per ha per year.

After the factory construction is completed, the tenant has the right to purchase the land lot. 1 ha may cost from 6,902 rub.

Become Moglino SEZ tenant

minimum capital investments - 120 million RUB 

40 million RUB to be invested within 3 years from the date of signing the agreement



Project presentation at the Supervisory Board




Business plan development. Registration of the legal entity or re-registration of existing legal entity in the Pskov district of the Pskov region.




Tripartite agreement with the Administration of the region and the Moglino SEZ Management company


Our tenants

Sibirsky Gostinets, PJSC Sibirsky Gostinets, PJSC

Production of freeze-dried food stuff

Pskov plant Titan-Polymer, LLC Pskov plant Titan-Polymer, LLC

Production of PET granules, BOPET films 

Pskovpharma, LLC Pskovpharma, LLC

Production of pharmaceuticals and substances 

Great Britain
Bioniq RUS, LLC Bioniq RUS, LLC

Production of dry-frozen fruit and berries 

Streamtex, LLC Streamtex, LLC

Production of technical textiles 

Ecocable, LLC Ecocable, LLC

Cable and semiconductor products production


Manufacture of solid wood construction panels

Global Technology, LLC Global Technology, LLC

Software development for data processing in data centers  

Nor Maali, LLC Nor Maali, LLC

Production of paints and varnishes 

Felzer RUS, LLC Felzer RUS, LLC

Production of industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment 

Elme Messer Rus, LLC Elme Messer Rus, LLC

Industrial and medical gas manufacturing



  • Marketing services
    • Business plan development
    • Comprehensive support to business processes
    • Consultations on existing support
    • Events organization
    • Market research
  • Property rent
    • Industrial and technical area rent
    • Office premises rent
    • Special equipment services
    • Warehouse rent
  • Construction services
    • Construction management
    • Construction supervision
    • General contractor services
    • Technical supervision
  • Maintenance services
    • Cleaning and sanitary maintenance of buildings, premises and open territories
    • Fire safety
    • Landscaping
    • Maintenance and repair of buildings utility infrastructure
    • Maintenance and repair of infrastructure
    • Security services for industrial facilities
  • Technological support
    • Provision of energy resources
    • Support in communikation with resourse supplying organization
    • Technological connection to utility networks


Agricultural & Food Processing

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Automotive components proposal

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Communal Equipment Industry proposal

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Electical & Consumer proposal

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Logistics proposal

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Transport Equipment Industry proposal

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