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August 26, the «5 o'clock» club: let us discuss modern wastewater treatment technologies

Aug. 24, 2020

The next session of the "5 o'clock" club, which unite experts from science, business and government, will be held on August 26. This time the subject discussion will be an inductrial wastewater treatment technology - an key issue of any production nowadays. The urgency of the issue of environmental and social responsibility of industries are not the only reasons to choose this theme. One of the areas discussed at the previous session of the club was environmental management and its implementation in the management system. Therefore, it was an organic decision to continue the discussion in this vector and to put on the agenda of the session the detailed discussion of technological solutions existing in the Russian and world markets in the field of industrial and chemical wastewater treatment and their implementation at the SEZ site.

Moglino SEZ is exactly the place where such vital problems of modern industry should be discussed. Representatives of the scientific community, business structures and regional authorities regularly meet within the walls of the Pskov special economic zone in order not only to update the chosen theme, but also to be consolidated in working groups for further cooperation in solving the problems raised. «This «5 o'clock» session  will help both to find out what advanced technologies of industrial wastewater treatment exist in the world practice and to choose the best of them, to determine how much the ecology costs for the region», notes Natalia Yushko, the acting CEO of Moglino SEZ.

Dear Readers! If you have questions for discussion on the topic raised, call us at 7 8112 29-33-33 or write to info@moglino.com. At the session, our experts will voice your questions and give answers to them.