Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области

Investment in high-tech business

Aug. 25, 2020

What will allow the country's economy to increase industry competitiveness and become significant in the international division of labor in the future? How to predict which industries will grow leaded by investments? Primarily, you need to study and try to adopt the successful experience of some countries.

For the last decade such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, New Zealand have been the leaders in the field of investments in high technologies. Japan, South Korea, individual states of California and North Carolina were also ahead as countries which traditionally follow strategies to stimulate the transition to innovative technologies.
Capitalization in innovation is the key to quality economic growth in these countries, individual states and cantons. Moreover, this is the main model for the development of modern business through "incremental innovations" even in the most traditional production. More than two thirds of enterprises in these economies are high-tech.

It is important to note that the share of public investment in the development of a new generation of industry (Industry 4.0) ranges from 15 to 30% through preferential taxation, access to financing from traditional financial institutions and a venture capital ecosystem. A global progressive practice is the formation of research centers laboratories, commercialization centers - this is a comprehensive state support for fundamental scientific activities and priority research through individual grants and the development of competencies.

From our experience, we can say that it is still extremely difficult to promote high-tech production in Russia, and in industries related to innovative projects, we cannot compete with the other world in several objective reasons. The exception is the IT sphere, in which there are Russian companies, “famous” about them are known all over the world and they develop quite freely from strict regulations.
There is practically no reliable statistics on the profitability of venture investment in innovative technologies in Russia. Also, there is no established system of regulation and insurance of such financial instruments, which is the reason for the lack of motivation of Russian investors to invest in start-ups and commercialization of innovations.

The transition from a “resource” economy to a “knowledge” economy is a sustainable development of the state's economic system, a marker of which is the surplus of the state budget. This is perhaps the ultimate goal of investment in high technology and the commercialization of scientific research.

Investing in a high-tech business is a difficult, but at the same time very promising business, significant for society and the state. SEZ Moglino, with the support of the Regional Administration and personally the leader of the region, Mikhail Vedernikov, supports research and development with subsequent commercialization in the format of innovative business projects of high potential.