Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области

Moglino SEZ enlarges its presence in the digital environment and transfers to new channels communication with residents.

Aug. 26, 2020

Perhaps the influence of the media has never been so widespread as in recent months. The pandemic has resulted not only to restrictions on movement, mass events and even personal meetings. Now, without a mask on a face and antiseptic on hands, people do not dare to leave the house, meet with business partners and discuss the terms of agreements face-to-face. Even without shaking hands and observing social distance, we continue to build communication. It's just a little different now and we all need to get used to it.

For Moglino SEZ digitalization is the beginning of a long way to launch and develop new principles of interaction with residents. And we start this path with a small step towards digital - the reformation of the site, where each investor will have a personal account with the ability to communicate with the management company, post vacancies, and for potential investors - to leave applications for residency and use this modern portal to discuss with the management company of Moglino SEZ possible issues. Stepping along the path of digitalization, we demonstrate that we are ready to work in new conditions and further turns of events of the coronavirus pandemic, to stay ahead of the curve and propose new formats of interaction. After all, the crisis tests the strength and compliance with the declared values, and our main value is to suggest new opportunities for growth and increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

Has the pandemic caused a transformation? It rather showed directions for progress, opened up new resources, and gave impetus to the development of IT in Moglino. But the gradual transition to the online format started much earlier. As noted by the acting CEO Natalya Yushko, «digitalization in Moglino began with interaction with residents from abroad. Together with the Administration of the Pskov region, Supervisory Boards and Expert Councils were adapted with new investors in the video-conference mode».