Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области

Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области


Given the magnitude of the epidemic impact at the worldwide economy, we need to design the sophisticated problem-solving approach to support businesses, dealing with the human tragedy as a priority. Presumably, the market consolidation and the development of local and regional localization, based on the micro-market strategy will continue. Conversely, the crucial alterations are expected to be in value chain and supply chain distribution, business models itself as well as in the countries' policy, aiming at the economic support. 
         Near future stands by the reshaping of economy, adopting the new habits such as social distancing, increased sensitivity to security, accrued risk awareness and apprehensions in general. After the end of enforced health-safety measures, companies instead will want to consider long-term adjustments to their operating models. Remote sales and virtual interactions will be the new skills set in demand as well as digital solutions for much operations like documentary handling, ordering, checking, learning, and so on. Hence, on the one hand, it will lead to substantial reduction of the business travels frequency, face-to-face meetings and representative expenses as budget costs. On the other hand, it will accelerate the digital adoption of future work models.

         Sugarcoating doesn't work today. In reality, the country's leaders have to accept the existent fact in its toughness. So, it is critical not only in the course of challenges such the pandemic or climate change issues, but also for the economy as a whole to develop today the solutions that will allow humanity to emerge from the current crisis efficiently and define the post-COVID-19 future.

       The cohesiveness of state leaders and the policy of support to the real sector of economy, that was pre-announced by most governments, have given a positive economic effect. Thus, to reassure businesses through delivering the right message on the issue of fiscal, monetary and other incentives can be utmost important.

       Utterly, communications will be the most paramount in conducting any economic activity. Regardless of crucial alterations in economic behavior, asymmetric responses of governments and regulators, workforce shortage and the lack of coordinated regional or global political responses, Moglino SEZ will improve operations towards five horizons, figured out below.

Figure Five horizons Retrieved from https://www.mckinsey.com

         Moglino SEZ is delivering empathy, respect, trust, and solidarity with our residents, partners and contractors throughout the world community. Our team has focused on our work processes adjustments in term of the COVID-related shutdown. Today we are running out the method of residency acquisition through the remote conference. The panel of experts include following participants: Pskov region governor Mikhail Vedernikov, Expert community and Moglino officers. The investor, the feed additives production company, will be showcasing its project.
           We are adapting to the new reality, showing our agility and intending to come out of this period more sustainable than went in.



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