Моглино - особая экономическая зона в Псковской области

Start-up investments and R&D – this and much more will be discussed at the next session of the 5 o'clock club

Sept. 7, 2020

The topic of the 5 o'clock club will be the commercialization of technologies in innovative business. The scientific community as the main initiator of advanced technologies, as well as public and private structures are interested in the development of the start-up ecosystem both global and regional. Venture capital investment is especially important for regions, as it helps to develop priority areas of the economy of the regions. The ecosystem of IT entrepreneurship is now a trend that is developing into a tendency, according to research, the volume of investment in this area is not only just increasing but is also projected to grow. And the formation of a national venture financing system is an objective necessity for our country, considering the experience of developed countries, the use of such venture financing forms helps to achieve the fastest possible development of high-tech industries.
Even though venture capital investment is not a know-how for the Russian economy, our country's experience in this area is not rich. Therefore, the discussion of commercialization of innovations is so relevant for open discussion. The lack of developed legislation in this area, the low level of legal culture, which can only be improved by rich information content, are the reasons for the primitiveness of the Pskov region's venture ecosystem. The 5 o'clock club was created specifically for a comprehensive dialogue between science, business, and government about promising ideas for realizing the potential of our region.