Infrastructure & Facilities

site is ready
to accommodate

1 ha

Low rental and buyout prices


Gas supply Electricity supply Water supply Wastewater disposal Transport infrastructure
Gas supply Electricity supply Water supply Wastewater disposal Transport infrastructure
210 66 4900 3500 6.4

million n.m.3/year

Gas distribution
network — 4,6 km

Average rate — 7 154 rubles/thousand m3


Substation — 110/10 kW

Modular distribution transformer
substation 10 kV — 5 units

Average rate — 5,5 rubles/kWh


5 artesian wells

Average rate — 2,7-4,8 rubles/m3


Sewage pumping
station — 2 units

Average rate — 35 rubles/m3


Outer and inner roads

Industrial Sites

Moglino-1 SEZ

Area 215 ha

Moglino-2 SEZ

Area 82.5 ha

Industrial Technopark

Area of perspective development is 100 hectares.

Inland intermodal
terminal, Dry Port

Area of perspective development is 24 hectares.



The territory of the special economic zone is a shovel ready site.

Each parcel has utility hookups ready to connect the site and facilities to power resources and life-supporting lines. There is no fee for utility connection.

The 24/7 on-site security employees ensure uninterrupted operation of engineering networks.

  • Gas supply 210 million m3/year

  • Water supply 4,900 m3/day

  • Wastewater disposal 3,500 m3/day

  • 66 MW installed capacity


Land Plots

Low land rental price. It starts from 6 700 rubles per year/hectare.

After the construction project has been completed, the tenant has the right to purchase the land plot. The plot buyout price starts from 134 000 rubles per hectare.

The demarcation layout can combine several plots. Plots are available in any configuration, starting from 1.5 hectares.


Road Network

On-site transport infrastructure (on-site roads)

  • Length of road network within the SEZ territory is 4.5 km of II category road.

  • Daily traffic capacity: 6,000 vehicles.

  • Number of traffic lanes: 4.

  • Amenities: bus stops; sidewalks; street lighting.

Off-site transport infrastructure (back-up road)

  • 1.9 km. - road of II category.

  • Daily traffic capacity: 6,000 vehicles;

  • Number of traffic lanes: 4;

  • Amenities: parking; sidewalks; street lighting.


Customs Terminal

  • Eighty-ton scales and radiation checkpoint.

  • Fenced-in parking lot for heavy trucks.

  • Minimum paperwork and focus on tenants.

  • Customs clearance facilitates passing borders between countries.


Logistics Capabilities

  • Moglino SEZ is located in the Pskov Region.

  • It shares international borders with three countries: Estonia (45 km), Latvia (120 km) and Belarus (221 km).

  • Neighboring Russian regions: Leningrad, Novgorod, Smolensk, and Tver.

  • Pskov is 750 kilometers from Moscow and 280 kilometers from St. Petersburg.