About Pskov Region

The Pskov Region is a dynamically developing region located in the north-west of Russia and sharing borders with European Union countries and Belarus.

The unique location and excellent transport accessibility provide unlimited business opportunities.

The ancient city of Pskov is one of the pearls of Russia, boasting 1,100 years of history, distinctive culture, heroic past and creative present.

Pskov is the City of Military Glory, a reliable shield of the north-western borders of Russia; from time immemorial it has been an important Russian and European center of trade, a leading partner of the Hanseatic League.

Pskov is a city of creators with a well-known school of architecture and icon-painting, which cherishes and safekeeps the heritage of its great ancestors.

Today, Pskov is a tourist, cultural, industrial city with a dynamically developing economy. Various tourist routes, pristine nature with amazing landscapes, unique monuments of history and architecture attract tourists from all over the world.

Pskov has an advantageous geographical location: 300 km from Riga (Latvia), 360 km from Tallinn (Estonia), and 440 km from Vilnius (Lithuania).
Pskov is 750 kilometers from Moscow and 278 kilometers from St. Petersburg.
Investment priority areas: industrial, agricultural, tourism, transport and logistics sectors.
The total area is 55,000 square kilometers. Population - 626,115 people. The urban population is 71.13%.

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Industrial production in the Pskov Region

The Pskov Region is a junction of diverse industries represented by around 200 large and medium-sized businesses. The core is composed of mechanical engineering, electrical and food industries. Industrial production accounts for approximately 22.2% of the region's GRP.

The most developed industrial sectors are:

  • Auto components and equipment.

  • Production and development of cable products, electrical equipment.

  • Mechanical engineering and manufacturing of equipment for forestry and agriculture.

  • Manufacturing of building materials.

The industrial electrical cluster of the Pskov region:

The cluster members are 19 manufacturing companies and 6 infrastructure operators. The anchor member of the cluster is ZETO CJSC, which manufactures end products of the cluster - a wide range of modern electrical products.

Regional support:

  • Financial support from the Industrial Development Foundation.

  • Property tax preferences.

  • Simplified taxation system.

  • Industrial subsidies.

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