Economic Benefits

Federal practice shows savings up to 40%, when investor starts manufacturing in the territory of a special economic zone. Such solid figures of savings are possible due to the combination of several factors implemented in Moglino SEZ.

Business-ready Infrastructure

Moglino SEZ is completely ready for tenants and their manufacturing facilities. Some of the factories have already started manufacturing products. The availability of substantial generation capacities means that any manufacturing company can be provided with the required and cost-efficient energy resources:

  • The utilities are set up and ready to go. The tenant has to extend the lines to his plant from the existing hookup points. The investor does not waste time on building roads, laying gas, water and electricity lines, permits and approvals. Moreover, connection to the existing utility systems is absolutely free.

  • The quality of the utility infrastructure: all infrastructure facilities of Moglino SEZ were put into operation in 2016-2017, thus being in the prime of their service life.

Free Customs Zone

Moglino SEZ is a free customs zone providing gainful opportunities to investors focused on international operations and to companies targeting the domestic market. The free customs zone regime implies preferential customs clearance and complete absence of customs charges and import or export duties as well as absence of non-tariff regulatory measures and waiving bans or restrictions on goods of the Customs Union.

SEZ tenants get the opportunity to save on customs duties, VAT on the import and export of raw materials, equipment, components, building materials and vehicles used for manufacturing in Moglino SEZ.

Tax Incentives

The tenant’s savings come from exemptions and reductions granted when paying:

  • land tax
  • property tax
  • income tax
  • transport tax
  • VAT

Savings also come from low land rental and buyout costs in Moglino SEZ. The land rental rates start from 6 700,00 rubles/hectare a year; the buyout prices – from 134 000,00 rubles per hectare.

Time is the most valuable resource

The very moment a tenant submits his application and intake form, he can rely on complete support of the management company that will be with him till and even after he starts his manufacturing business.

The accumulated experience, impeccable teamwork of Moglino SEZ personnel, close cooperation with private and public services at different levels, and consistent organizational support from the Regional Administration offer investors-prospect SEZ-based manufacturers amazing time savings in:

  • paperwork and business plan routine;
  • preparation for hearings at the Supervisory and Expert Councils;
  • collection and approval of land property documents;
  • monitoring design development and construction.

To expedite the start-up process, companies can lease ready-to-go sites and turn-key facilities.

Another advantage is time savings, as the utilities are in place and the tenant is spared from paperwork and approval procedures!

Well-tested algorithms for coordinating design and construction documents help speed up the launch of operations.

The management company provides a full spectrum of construction services, and the investor can have his project launched on schedule, no matter how tight it is, even if his team is still being built or is not with him. Audit of project documentation and supervision by construction and design specialists eliminate risk of errors at the stage of project development.

Personnel is key

One of the main questions for the investor is where to find specialists for new factories.

We understand that the quality of personnel training affects the quality and timing of the manufacturing business start-up, which means that it directly affects the profit of the future business. That is why the Moglino SEZ management company maintains close cooperation with the regional educational and engineering institutions, and its tenants are included in the educational system of the region.

We help our tenants start the recruiting process at the stage of project development. In addition to recruitment services, thanks to close cooperation with the Pskov State University (including the structures of higher and secondary specialized education), Moglino SEZ and its tenants participate in development of educational programs and training programs for future employees of factories operating in the special economic zone.

Nerve-saving guarantees

Another advantage of the legal framework of entrepreneurial activity is special guarantees that the legislator provides to tenants of the SEZ. In accordance with Article 38, Federal Law "On Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation" adopted on July 22, 2005 N 116-FZ, tenants of special economic zones are protected against adverse changes in the tax laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. In other words, any tax laws or regulations of the Russian Federation, tax laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, tax regulations of local governments, which may have an adverse impact on taxpayers-SEZ tenants, unless such laws apply to excise taxes, shall not be applicable to SEZ tenants while the business agreement remains in effect.

In addition, the interests of investors in the Pskov Region are protected by the law of the Pskov Region "On Tax Benefits and State Support for Investment Activities in the Pskov Region", October 12, 2005, No. 473 and Federal Laws "On Investment Activities in the Russian Federation Conducted in the Form of Capital Investments”, “On Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation” and “On Industrial Policy in the Russian Federation” (December 31, 2014 N 488-FZ).


The Moglino SEZ management company pursues an active marketing policy aimed at promoting the site and the products manufactured by its tenants. Every year, Moglino and its tenants take part in dozens of international, federal and regional events. Exhibitions, forums, round tables, presentations, business meetings and thematic events are far from a complete set of tools that are used by the Moglino special economic zone to promote the site itself and its tenants.

Free-of-charge promotion in and outside the region during the project preparation and after the production start-up is another convincing argument in favor of locating manufacturing business in Moglino SEZ.

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