1 January 1970

The volume of the governmental support in the machinery production sector is increasing in Russia and is forecasted to reach 18,25 billion RUB in 2020. The main targets are acceleration of the economy development, implementation of the import substitution programs and employment creation.
Obviously, these steps will raise the demand in SME business, what will provide the expansion of the production and entering new markets. The Pskov region, having quite developed agricultural industry, will become one of the possible markets and industrial area for the new productions.
Moglino SEZ master plan, is developed on the cluster method for industrial siting. SEZ is divided into such sectors as auto-components, machinery & equipment, food and medical production and bioengineering. Cluster approach enforces cooperation among SEZ tenants.
According to Association of Industrial Parks of Russia, the current practice and forecast calculations, the cooperation between SEZ tenants in raw materials, marketing and production is crucial in costs reduction. The cumulative effect can reach from 2 to 17 percent in production cost reduction. And even more might be saved in administrative and management costs.
Through this process and due to 30% initial costs reduction for investors, Moglino SEZ is becoming a compelling industrial site for business to start new production.

Syntechno Ltd, a lead diamond producer in Russia, aims at construction of a new facility in Moglino SEZ and plans to reach production level of 90,000 carats annually by 2023. Company uses high-tech technologies to ‘grow’ nature-identical diamond in the labs. These diamonds are widely used - from electronics to thermonuclear fusion.
Synthetic diamonds have numerous advantages over the natural ones. The technology for growing is rapidly developing nowadays and already allows to create high quality and large size diamonds, as opposed to mining, which becomes more and more expensive. Synthetic diamonds are ecologically, socially and ethically friendly and meet all current world challenges.
Syntechno uses unique HPHT and CVD technics, which improve the control over the final product and satisfy different requirements of consumers on the high-tech market.

The women in leadership positions, teachers, role models, game changers, caregivers and forward thinkers – they are an inspiration to all. Each and every lady is a unique combination of strength, intelligence, love and beauty. May all women be free to dream, express, create and live their deepest heart’s desires. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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