06.12.2019_Transport Equipment Industry proposal

24 February 2020

Brizhakha Alexey Head of project design department

Our team has the construction consulting in the design of capital buildings and land plot's development, using specialized software products, based on Autodesk, Microsoft, PMPB software and big data technology for replication worldwide best practices. * Manage pre-committed stage of technical specifications for the design and construction of industrial facilities as well as capital constructions, engineering and transport infrastructure that fit regulatory requirements and meet approved standards of the Russian Federation. * Support in the preparation of permits and approval issued acts required for design and construction. * Provide investor-oriented service that is tailored for the resident's needs through the "One-stop shop" principle. ** Interact with the federal and regional Executive authorities and other stakeholders from client's behalf on the project execution.

** Interact with the federal and regional Executive authorities and other stakeholders from client's behalf on the project execution.



– Integrated logistics zone& customs infrastructure within the zone
– Provision for high tension power lines suited to individual manufacturer requirements --> Flexibility for additional load bearing capacities subject to plant operation requirements
– Customized pre-built multi-tenanted manufacturing facilities --> Provision for modular structures to suit the individual assembly line modification requirements
– Provision for customized flooring to cater to requirements of heavy fabrication machinery
– Dedicated industrial training facility offering various tool training programs, machining workshops & related modulescustomized to manufacturers of Other Transport Equipment Industry

«Moglino» SEZ Management Company in discussions with prominent Singapore based & other international industrial training providers for the Subject Development

Industry Competitive Advantages - Other Transport Equipment Industry Existing supply chain synergies and proximity to key international & domestic demand centers. Manufacturing activities already being undertaken in the region Supply chain synergies present in the region. Key products currently being manufactured in the region include heavy duty electrical motors & related equipment Companies such as OJSC Power Machines - Reostatundertaking manufacturing activities.


This week there were several special events such as forum for Pskov region business in Pskov government hall and a united seminar of science, business, digital data company and international consulting in Moglino SEZ office. We are going to refine our regulatory framework to enhance funding opportunities, upskills and do much more towards Industry 4 emerging.

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