11.11.2019_Industry Competitive Advantages

24 February 2020

Big Data is the significant game-changing opportunity for business since the Internet allowed us to derive a huge variety of information almost 20 years ago. The big data has accumulated torrents of terabytes about everything whereas the urgent question, how this data can be sorted out, analyzed and applied, is appeared to be a hot topic. Businesses are looking for solutions in turning data into above-market growth. Supposedly, changings are going to be scaled starting from top management approaches of making-decision and aligning the strategy while frontline management be engaged in more specific turnkey patterns. Despite certain barriers such as a lack of skilled employees in the scope of data science, there is revealed the first outcome. The high-quality analytic, derived from big data, helps raise management confidence in investing in the "black" triangle: - Funding the marketing and promotion; - Insight into well-designed products and offers that delighted customer; - Delivering those products and offers effectively to the marketplace. The scholastic approach in demand due to data derived patterns and algorithms, visualization tools and orientation on the permanently upskilling, are not aimed at staffed by robots, on the contrary, it's instead to support processes in its right track.

Industry Competitive Advantages - Communal Equipment Existing supply chain synergies and proximity to key international & domestic demand centers Manufacturing activities already being undertaken in the region Supply chain synergies present in the region Key products currently being manufactured in the region include electric motors & related equipment Key inputs for farm equipment & food processing machinery


Last week we have participated the annual exhibition and forum "International day of import and export 2019" 01 November, Moscow, International trade center. This event aims to assist Russian exporters in the development of foreign trade relations, encourage the localization of foreign partners in Russia (especially in the SEZ). the national strategy called "international cooperation and export" has targeted goals such as refined investment attraction at the domestic market whilst drive entrepreneurship to discover overseas markets simultaneously.


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