14.02.2020_The weekly agenda

14 February 2020

Moglino SEZ team of analysts has released calls for proposals for research collaborations in the priority research areas: chemistry, biology, life science and digital technology. The new research programs will complement the recent Strategic Science Investment Fund certain domestic data science research programs. The investments in knowledge aim to advance the development of a dynamic and world-class data science capability for the Pskov region through a multidisciplinary approach. We are pursuing use-inspired data science research projects that address big challenges for the economy, environment and society.

The successful proposals will support and encourage the development and exchange of scientific strengths and capabilities between countries and consequently to allow each state to benefit from global connections;
The cutting-edge science builds successful collaboration models that ensure maximum synergy towards Industry 4 deployment;
Identified mechanisms aim at transfer of prospective projects to a wide range of investors across the Russian Federation and overseas;

The investment focus was developed from Industrial Development Fund funding program, established by the Ministry of Industrial Development, which supports potential areas and methods of collaboration and projects funding. For more information on the workshops and the investment focus events, please utilize the link below:

The first foreign project, deployed in Moglino SEZ, was co-invested by the Industrial Development Fund.
The changes apply only to how you manage your future Investments. Besides, there were numerous issues linked to administrative, language and mind-set barriers, now they are eliminated. If you have any thoughts about your future investment, you should follow for our Moglino SEZ's updates.

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