1 January 1970

The new decade has been already named as a "Roaring Twenties" In that context, Russia has an enormous interest from foreign direct investments whether domestic market opportunities still work for local business. Just looking over the messages that were highlighted by President’s speech, addressing the Federal Assembly, it appeared to be the way of transformation towards a “digital economy". Vladimir Putin announced that Russia's transition aims at reaching a new level of the economy and consequently has the positive impact on the social sectors. Our priorities are to boost our advanced technologies and science. To focus primarily on end-to-end technologies, "which are used in all industries: digital, quantum, robotics, neurotechnology, engineering, and so on." That projects will be hugely supported as well as free from all administrative, legal and other barriers and funded. That is a Moglino SEZ - oriented execution in a nutshell. Pursuing to meet the pattern of making decision for our prospective investors, we are going to create Our Policy and risk mitigation guidance as well as share our FIR report and references from our tenants. Our up-skilling programs were created by the international team, including professionals in Lead generation, Site enhancement specialists, our coming events for International representation. We get together to make a difference.

WE are inspired to propose a collaboration and partnership that beyond a tangible benefit such as Moglino SEZ free land plots with full infrastructure. We dream about R&D center for the global networking. We are going to nurture science, innovations, and digital savvy society. Smart startups will be supported by funding within federal programs. See Moglino SEZ Policy and The Risk mitigation guidance: Moglino SEZ is created under FEDERAL LAW NO. 116-FZ OF JULY 22, 2005 ON SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION

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