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1 January 1970

Geopolitical-scaled tension affects the investors' confidence and reaches significant alterations in the geographic investment flow as well as in the industries' sectors attractiveness. Geopolitical-scaled tension affects the investors' confidence and reaches significant alterations in the geographic investment flow as well as in the industries' sectors attractiveness. The Council on International Trade and Investment outlines three possible future scenarios for FDI prospects: first one and the most beneficial is the enhanced cooperation; second, the moderate situation, is limited cooperation among the set of middle-ground countries; and finally, the worst is trade wars and technological fragmentation. 
       The pandemic impact has figured out that emerging technologies are utmost vital, propping up our daily routine. Connected devices enable us to be adaptive, human-centered, and inclusive, educate and work remotely. The IT protocols have continuous security and resilience of our society, chatbots provide life-saving information and map the spread of the virus for health workers, community, and researchers. Being dependent on agile governance, to maximize the benefits and mitigate risks, using this new critical infrastructure, we need to confirm what is crucial for moving ahead within our legislative framework. All the above, the countries' investment competitiveness is at stake, whether we can match technology with domestic institutions, standards, and norms. 
          The global review reveals that our closest neighbor, the Estonian republic, is going to be considered the nation best prepared for the consequences of the pandemic, both economically and socially. The extent of Estonian digitization is difficult to overprice as 99% of services in the country either are already or can be provided electronically. People vote online, use digital prescriptions; a single piece of I.D. securely stores each Estonian's personal information, including health, tax, and police records; you can even establish residency and pay taxes in the country digitally, immigrate online. Consequently, the perspective to work, study, and shop online are much more real than elsewhere.
      There is an exciting fact that came along on the second day after lockdown, two Estonian companies in cooperation with the Government have launched a forty-eight-hour idea-collection session, called Hack the Crisis. Five of the ideas would receive startup funds of up to five thousand euros, for immediate execution. It has been proposed to write apps that would connect volunteers with people in need of help during the state of emergency. Another proposal was for an app for wearable devices that would react to risky gestures, such as face-touching. Still, another was for a program for "rotating or swapping workforce between companies"—for example, enabling tourism-industry workers to shift to working in e-commerce. The proposal included legislative changes and an online platform for organizing the swaps. Next month, another private/public consortium, in cooperation with the European Commission and a Singaporean organization, is launching an online accelerator for projects for the crisis and post-crisis world. It appears that the country of Skype invention can be an example that is worth following. Their experience in robust data architecture allows power and business to access and utilize data they need to support effective data-based decision making, aiming at the rapid response to issues.

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With data and analytics that transform industries at an ever-quicker pace, the strategies, and organizational cultures, lead to data improvements, Moglino SEZ is creating the partnership road map for success. Besides, we have already submitted the requests for regulatory framework enhancements and empowering prospects in general. Our team is under the automation and workflow refining, still, struggling to overcome outdated rules and mindsets. Our service is under acceleration and diversification of solved cases experiences. Currently, our communications are extensive as never before, while it is no surprise that data and analytics are reshaping industry competition and organizations' core businesses being the persistent phenomenon.

          Dear tenants, business residents, partners, and community, we are inspired by the «next normal" economy. Be safe and take care of your "social bubble", following the Moglino SEZ news.

            The Orthodox Christian Easter is coming


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