20 March 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday held a meaningful meeting, highlighted the national priority in the investments amongst private capital owners. The constructive negotiation was attended by the founder of RTR-Global Leonid Boguslavsky (fortune 1 billion dollars, according to Forbes), the founder and CEO of Yandex Arkady Volozh (1.4 billion dollars), as well as the founder of Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galitsky and Altera Capital’s managing partner Kirill Androsov (former deputy director of the Ministry of Economic Development). 
Putin called on businessmen to invest in the Russian economy towards the priority areas such as digital high-tech, new industrial technology and knowledge diffusion. It was noted the strategic significance upon reshaping processes in the domestic economic structure which currently based on commodity income mostly and affected by a sharp drop in oil price. Besides that, the world-wide economy incoming events, related to Covid-19, makes this trend all the more worrisome.
According to UNCTAD’s forecasts, the rapidly spreading pandemic of Covid-19, widely known as coronavirus, will have a significant impact on global flows of FDI.  The global corporations freeze their investment decisions due to their earnings quickly shrink. Presumably, the virus will cut global FDI by between 5% and 15%. The aperture between 5 and 15 per cent depends on whether pandemic will be reined within the first half of 2020 or it will be eliminated for the second half of the year.
Having the retrospective analysis for such economic consequences, we can confirm that the national capital growth can be recognized through the first fundamental law of capitalism:  the increasing rate of return on capital leads towards the surge in the speed of the economic development genuinely.  Referred by T. Piketty research, the conclusion is that the history until the nineteenth century confirmed the equation’s validity: The capital/income ratio has close relation within income from capital in national income and GDP growth. 
Periodically, this nexus will be repeated and relevant in the twenty-first century with the high likelihood (T.Piketty, 2015)  Whereas the method of economic acceleration stands by such pillar as the knowledge and skills diffusion.
The new century’s economic hypothesis suggests that processes of convergence towards Capex increase is beyond the market mechanism, is fundamentally based on the diffusion and sharing of knowledge that heading to eliminated borders for trade and world-wide cooperation.  Thus, the new economic milestone, based on regenerative principles, the conceptional knowledge integrity and the reduced social discrepancy, has clear goals after pandemic reincarnation. 

The Pskov region is closed on the quarantine as the preventive action aims at stop CV19 spreading out. While we have the great compassion to our closest neighborhood Estonian and Latvian Republics where the pandemic attack still rages. For preventing any possibility to spread out this disease, we stick to region government’s recommendations and primary sanitarian methods, being vigilant all around the clock.

Moglino SEZ ensures all of our investors and business partners that we have taken all efforts to support continued operations of our tenants despite on the put in force the carnitine restrictions. Our team are prepared and fully equipped to perform their duties, being partly in the remote working environment. All scheduled meetings and partner’s roadshows were postponed.
Our goal remains to provide the highest level of communications, service, and completed work to our tenants, while at the same time ensuring the health and safety of our residents and employees.



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