1 January 1970

Technological change is raising alterations cross-industries. Over the next three to five years, we think this process will accelerate and become crucial along with environmental challenges. The traditional industry identification should be rewritten in terms of its classification. Where industry boundaries begin, where they end and who are the leading players will be uncertain in many sectors. Such assumptions are caused by an observation of what is happening in Moglino tenant's product profiles.
Only six years ago, the process of liquefied oxygen was illustrated in the scientific laboratory while its production for the medical and automotive markets is being launched in our SEZ.
Likewise, the state corporation Rosatom, having vast experience and astonishing scientific breakthroughs and patents, has planned to organize the production of passenger trains using hydrogen fuel cells. The corporation is assigned the role of a potential supplier of hydrogen in the project, which is due to its competence in the field of hydrogen production, using the capacities of Russian nuclear power plants.
What is more surprising, Moglino SEZ anchor tenant is a biochemical manufacturer which is going to substitute traditional textile production and extend an agricultural product portfolio.
There is a regular implementation of innovations. Does it appear to be new sectors, emerging instead of the traditional pharmaceutical, railway machinery, automotive and agricultural sub-industries?
Key trends and best practices tests of industry innovations were initiated by The German's test centers and The scientific and technical center of FGC UES - leading industry certification Institute Whereas the majority of brilliant projects and startups that will be represented at the Moglino SEZ platform aimed at promoting the investment opportunities for inventors, innovators and scaling the scientific achievements in general.
Have a look for the first three projects of co-investment projects: link "the investment opportunities".

Men's day, annually celebrated on 23rd February, is coming. Historically, male in our country are associated as defenders of the Motherland. Beyond the military strengths, our scientists and inventors, discoverers and hard workers in coal mines, at oil platforms are our human capital, gender asset and potential for thriving society. We are happy to share our warmest congratulations. Vivat darlings!

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