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1 January 1970

The marketplace dynamics encompasses the economic shift and the rapid downturn, come along to multiple scenarios from business closures to consolidations as well as new business and partnership models of innovations that address emerging opportunities. Having the structural break in the economy, while the business model is a bundled part an economic body, we should recognize that approach to searching solutions in ordinary hard times, such as costs reduction, does not work anymore

The style of management and shift in the logic of advantage have changed the wealth of nations, underlying the economic evolution. The keystones to success appear to be the following – to eliminate the complexity of corporate structures by transforming business models, to refine IT systems, to create sourcing systems based on partnerships, and the utmost essential to collaborate with customers, improving personalization in processes of designing and marketing new products. Most advanced companies reallocate resources through the sophisticated way by investing in crucial capabilities such as reading demand or signals to predict where and how customers would shift their demand, applying AI and other data handling tech.

We are witnessing that entirely new industries are forming, whereas old one’s crumble. The business model is a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes, and systems. Today countless innovative business models are emerging. We can have a glance at open business models that can be used by companies to create and capture value systematically collaborating with outside partners, based on the shared assets concept, like Airbnb or Uber. Another successful model is sales of niche items, which are lucrative as require low inventory costs and robust platforms to make niche content readily available to interested buyers, used by Netflix, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, and so on. So, the business continuity prospects depend on when we start the process towards reformation. Being misguided by such complexity and uncertainty, we have to accept that neck-snapping change, finding the rationality of how we are going to create, deliver and capture value in the new economic reality.

Moglino SEZ operates beyond profit-oriented business model. Distinguished as a third-party funded (by governments), we are following our mission and state's priority to develop the infrastructure for industrial manufacture deployment. Since we depend on contributions, the incentive to create value for investors is strong and substantial. There are no simple answers to the questions raised by last marketplace shift, caused by COVID-19 impact. We have faced with necessity to align a new business model, consequently refining our problem solvingcapacity.

Moglino SEZ Business model and nine's point Canvas

Moglino SEZ communications is ramping up by adopted internal digitalization, that leverages sharing company's knowledge and at the same time protects contactless workflow entirely. Targeted personalization and customer experience initiatives, such a survey, can also fuel growth while improving customer loyalty and building long-term trust. We are designing the tenants-oriented "nerve centre" which collects the content of interests, attitudes, perceptions, and expectations, reflecting a single source of truth in our corporate centre and further improvements direction. Our engineering department is engaged in construction projects execution and weed control. The national program of Borchevic, weed elimination, is running up this week. Follow our news in social media, making a free subscription here.

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