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1 January 1970

This multipolar and power-diffused world is under the challenge of COVID-19. Businesses, especially those that have transnational supply chains, face with the risk mitigation development strategy and transition towards diversification.  It pushes up companies, primarily small entities, to navigate and explore the horizontal collaborative models of the future, distinctly different from the vertical governance-related system.  There is a new geographic expansion opportunity that has been restricted by the policymaker’s power. Supposedly, governments need to see the transnational world beyond their immediate borders and develop the next generation of their diplomats to think differently. Hence the protocols of the future must underlie the building of an Effective Ecosystem. Thus, Environmental, Social and Economic world ultimately aiming at the ongoing investment process is accelerated by knowledge diffusion.  Apparently, to stimulate new approaches that tackle long-term challenges of fragility, protracted crises and force migration, shift from funding to investing need to be done to unlock new market capitalization and identify crucial projects and, ultimately deploying a new investment theme that will encourage the renewable economy onset instead of the collective apprehension-mindset that must be abandoned like COVID -19 virus seemingly. The capacity to improve areas will be a key turn to distinguish the countries' soft power ranking.

New criteria defined the soft power

Moglino SEZ is going to stick to the quarantine’s restriction while the operations were refined and switched mostly to online network. It’s noticeable that our new land development and the construction’s projects are being performed on scheduled timeframe. Next week break is expected for sanitarian purposes and we are forced to close the business center doors, following the presidential decree. Undoubtedly, the national safety is in priority.

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