24 February 2020


We are going to participate SU-MEET: World Free & Special Economic Zones on 13th-15th November 2019


“SEZ Moglino and Pskov University have become to negotiate about adoption Blockchain technology. Likewise the topic of preparing skilled workforce for Moglino's tenants and residents is the crux background of their partnership.

Pskov - Major Entry/Exit Points & Connectivity to Key Regions Pskov located in close proximity to major European & Russian demand centers à Located within a radius of 300 km to Riga, Tallinn,Minsk along with St. Petersburg & Moscow Presence of 11 border crossing points in the region including 1 air border crossing point, 7 automobile border crossing points & 3 railway border crossing points Multi modal connectivity & ease of access to European markets

Industry Competitive Advantages - Construction Materials Existing raw material reserves and domestic demand to aid in faster product integration cycles Considerable raw material reserves for manufacturing of construction materials in the region - 329 peat deposits (563.5 Mn Tons), Low melting clay (35 Mn m3), sand & gravel (107.2 Mn m3) & Wood reserves (4.5 Mn m3) available for utilization in the region Established linkages with key European & Domestic Consumption Hubs - Connectivity to major Eastern European demand centers such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Belarus - Major domestic demand centers such as St. Petersburg & Moscow located in close proximity - Considerable regional demand owing to large scale construction activity in Pskov

Target Sub-Segments for Construction Materials Industry
Veneer sheets, plywood, particle board, etc.
Paints, varnishes, printing ink and mastics
Cutting, shaping & finishing of stone
Cement, lime and plaster
Articles of concrete, cement and plaster
Structural metal products
Glass and glass products
Structural non-refractory clay and ceramic products
Refractory ceramic products
Builders' carpentry and joinery
Other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
Product Offering for Construction Materials Industry

Moglino SEZ - Administrative regime
One-Stop-Shop Services - Short resident registration time and provision of a single point of contact for all issues concerning business relations with the government
Dedicated customs infrastructure - Dedicated customs infrastructure available within the zone to facilitate the smooth customs processing for inbound & outbound cargo
Customs Clearance Services - Zone management company to provide facilitation for customs clearance process
Financing Options - Assistance in obtaining project financing through prominent international as well as domestic financial institutions such as IFC, EBRD, SBER Bank, etc.
Administrative Assistance - Assistance in manpower recruitment, visa facilitation, obtaining administrative clearances & approvals, etc. by a dedicated team of professionals from the SEZ Management
Facility Management - Dedicated facilities management department as part of the Moglino SEZ Management

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