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30 April 2020

Regardless of a veil casting uncertainty over the future, one thing is clear: we live in a much more digital world. The demand for digital services and goods, available online, have surged enormously. Newly emerging digital reality presents vital skills shortage in three dimensions: technological skills such as data analysis, digital citizenship skills, and problem-solving capacity. Thus,  for chief digital officers (CDOs) increasing importance of driving the digital changes aims at to help businesses navigate crises and drive digital transformations, mostly across four dimensions: resilient leadership; recrafting towards digital strategy and reviewing the product set through customers personalization, and gaining agile practices of data and goods remote delivery.

Waiting for the long-expected market revitalization, businesses are trying to recognize how the world will change. Besides the social health security has been comprehended, the most noteworthy change is the crucial customer's behavioral shift. The kickstart is pending a new cycle of capital flow to execute again as soon as economies reopen. Russian FDI market new trends, which is derived from the investors' expectations, conducted surveys by Investment Associations and regions' development authorities suggests:

Post-pandemic 'Hot' sectors are: Mobile Data Centers growth, Logistics & Warehousing, and advanced manufacturing will be the hottest sectors and will surge beyond 30%.
Supply chain shifts towards macro segmentation strategy (manufacturing-consumers localization proximity, consumer profile-associated digital personalization);
Changing purchasing channels. One of the most fundamental changes resulting from the crisis is where and how consumers are shopping as well as new products demand. There is a "strategic window" to enter with private-label goods value creation. The other meaningful behavior change is the current level of product and brand switching. According to research, it has been found that more than 30 per cent of consumers are trying actively new brands and products as the desired goods are unavailable. While an additional 19 per cent decided to purchase cheaper options available. Among the consumers who switched brands, 12 per cent expect to continue to buy the new brands after the pandemic.
The global economy is under a prisoner's dilemma, the clear optimal outcome would be to stay collaborative and open borders as quickly as possible. Having the long-term impact of the pandemic on foreign investments, we are trying to keep on navigating the findings, related to affecting direction of FDI flow.  So, what we see today in terms of restrictions is only the tip of the iceberg, it obviously defines that the protectionism is not still eliminated.  According to a study by the University of St. Gallen about new export on medical supplies – which today are costing lives directly – the report has indicated that at the end of the first quarter of 2020, 54 governments have imposed restrictions. There are some suggestions that coming months will clarify the trend whether we pursue the deglobalization.

Moglino SEZ communications has scaled enormously. We have joined the global partnership platform and professional community that is tracking the capital market under reshaping. Moglino SEZ is distinguished by localization, determined as free zones geographic advantages along with Euromarkets proximity, while the Russian consumptions' market demand for both Eastern and Western suppliers is crossing up in the point of Moglino SEZ.

We are enabling fundamental shifts in the ways of operations, enhancing through radical virtualization, broader communication, greater transparency and problem-solving capacity. Looking for skills and knowledge of new construction technology and materials matter when creating value in a variety of ways and connecting our peoples' individual purpose with organizational purpose as the critical link. We are developing a broad future vision that extends beyond the problem at hand, inspiring and building trust with our stakeholders’ common ground. This approach suggests that a reset is crucial as we strive to define and live our organization's purpose, which must be congruent and fit the style of inner organizational culture. Moglino SEZ has called on the kids painting contest. Follow for our coming survey findings and winner's exposition. Be safe and enjoy May state's holidays.

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