31 January 2020

German companies that are the most active investors in the Russian manufacturing sector locate mostly in Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones. There are up to 78 projects, followed by US and Japan companies which run 33 and 20 projects respectively. Amongst largest investors there are countries tracked by FDI Markets. They have invested in manufacturing projects, including companies from Chinese, Switzerland and Finland.

The leading manufacturing sectors are industrial equipment, chemical, metal and plastics manufacture. The recent performance represents the continuation of a long-standing trend, having attracted 130 projects in Greenfields and Brownfields between 2012 and 2018.  Likewise, data has highlighted that Industrial Parks are more popular than Special Economic Zones. This suggests that the increasingly popular services provided by equipped industrial are the long-term investment solutions for small business and self-employed. Moglino SEZ is planning to launch an Industrial Park in 2021. We have already called on for the partnership in the equipment supplying for our diversified manufacturing area.

Moglino SEZ representatives are participating in the Russian investment forum Sochi 2020. There we expect to sign the treaty agreement with new residents as well as the hot discussion at the American business club meeting. Moglino’s officers will be delivering the main message - how to reach trustful environment, to join the common value chain and to stick within informational openness.

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