29 July 2020

On July 29, Moglino SEZ hosted the second meeting of the "5 o clock" club,. The meeting was attended by Andrei Mikheev, the Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Development of the Pskov Region, representatives of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of the Russian Federation, experts in logistics services, members of the International Trade and Industrial Center Qingdao PRC ".
The theme that united the participants of the conference was “Industrial Technopark and Intermodal Dry Port in the Concept of Moglino SEZ Development”.
The initiator and coordinator of the event was Natalia Yushko, the acting CEO of Moglino SEZ. She made a presentation where she introduced the participants to the paradigms of the development of the territory of Moglino SEZ in the context of the concept of a united center of industry and competencies uniting the sites "Moglino 1" and "Moglino 2", highlighted the possibility of creating an Industrial Technopark and an Intermodal "Dry Port" through the mechanism of public-private partnership.
“The main driver of competitiveness is investment in innovation,” Natalya emphasized.
The event considered the prerequisites for creating an intermodal dry port in Moglino and highlighted a number of advantages, such as:

• Strategic location very close to the EU
• Transport accessibility including railway
• Availability of infrastructure for customs clearance
• Transport links and proximity to the airport
• Storage, registration, processing of goods in various customs regimes

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