19 June 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemens! The Pskov region community!

   Regional competitiveness determines on skills and expertise obtained by the local community. Here in Pskov, we have a unique advantage. During my work in Moglino, it was defined as the prospects of collaboration between the  SEZ team and the regional State University. It will contribute to tailoring an education system aiming at up to date professionals.
The Moglino SEZ residents' profile is the enterprises,  mostly associated with high technology. There are handling biochemical processes such as synthesis of carbon crystals,  polymers, sublimation, extrusion, etc. Also, Moglino SEZ provides the infrastructure and facility maintenance for modern automotive components and low energy-oriented manufacturies. To make those products is no way without a highly-skilled workforce. This provides opportunities for the development of science and technology, becoming the regional proposition within the country's competitive rate. 

My primary mission is to ensure awareness about region's and Moglino SEZ's unique opportunities worldwide as well as to showcase that high-tech industry run up here. Definitely, it's ambitious. The Pskov region economic development upward trend, the local community support and our personal contribution will ensure success. 

Sincerely yours, Natalia Iushko

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