Insights of the "5 o'clock" club on August 26: modern technologies of industrial wastewater treatment

27 August 2020

Another session of "5 o'clock" took place yesterday, advanced methods of industrial wastewater treatment were the subject of the session. Also, the agenda discussed the cost of such technologies as "How much does ecology cost for the region?"
The session participants, namely, representatives of science, business and government, listened to reports on the subject. The mentioned facts became key for the discussion:

  • Wastewater from chemical, light, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish and other industries can contain a whole range of organic pollutants, which are subject to a three-stage treatment system using physical, chemical and biochemical methods. Members of the club session learned about the adsorption method using multicomponent filters based on natural clay minerals, about filters with a mesh steel electrode, which purifies wastewater from toxicants by 99.82%.
  • Also, the industrial wastewater treatment system using ISBS biotechnology, which excludes the processing of excess sludge, its transportation and disposal, was represented. This technology works at the expense of a bioreactor, which contains bacteria, devouring organic matter from wastewater. Utilization of sludge from sewage treatment plants is the most expensive item in the operating costs of wastewater treatment systems. But it is possible to sublimate the sludge and use it in the production of biogas for the heating system.
  • Moglino SEZ development strategy, within the framework of international environmental standards, provides for a budget allocated for the construction of modern industrial treatment facilities for resident enterprises. Our task is to select modern technologies that are optimal in terms of the final characteristics of industrial wastewater treatment, the cost of the treatment facilities themselves and their further operation.

The session of the "5 o'clock" club not only united the three pillars of the region's development - business, government and science. It has the high practical importance for Moglino SEZ as a socially responsible organization. On the territory of Moglino SEZ various industries are located, and these industries must meet the environmental standards of the concept of Sustainable Development. Our task is not only to develop the industry of the region, but also to maintain the ecological balance of the Pskov region, spending resources rationally and protecting nature.


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