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1 January 1970

Even the most assertive among us can find decision making process quite challenging.  It will definitely affect their hopes and dreams hard, whether it's about a person, a way of life or business solutions. The toughest decisions are the ones that bring the greatest risk and potential for reward.

How to avoid gut feelings dominance and be equipped by tools for making the right decision more precise, free from your emotions?

Sometimes, our companies can stagnate and get bogged down when we refuse to prune out the ideas that don't work and start taking risks again. Getting too attached to the wrong idea or sticking with the concept that's most comfortable can hinder growth in people and in business.

In that context Moglino SEZ is checking out its strategy and moving ahead with partnerships, upskilling and values delivering. 
By the way, February is considered as the month of love, and we hope you are loving your life and what you do like we do.

Proposal for co-investors opportunities is the 4000 squire meters building in Moglino SEZ land plots, out of the customs restricted space.

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