Moglino SEZ participated in the Round Table organized by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia

17 September 2020

Moglino SEZ participated in the Round Table organized by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia. It was a lively discussion which united the participants of the videoconference "Features of the location of pharmaceutical production in Russia".

Russia is implementing the Pharma-2020 program aimed at creating an innovative Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry. Trends in this industry and localization in the Russian industrial infrastructure were discussed at the event. What is happening in the pharmaceutical manufacturing market? What features should be considered during the localization of a pharmaceutical production?

Natalya Yushko, the acting CEO, shared her experience of interaction between Moglino SEZ and pharmaceutical industries, noting that the location of such industries has few features. - Taking as example Pskov Pharma LLC, where the parent company is KGP Laboratories (UK) Limited, we understand that competitiveness in this industry directly depends on the R&D component. In fact, this industry is closely monitored and regulated both in Russia and abroad. Any product, medicine or medical equipment, is subject to certification, which is dictated by national standards. The market of analogue manufacturers has the same serious impact, says Natalya.

The localization of the pharmaceutical industry in Moglino SEZ is considered in the concept of pharmaceuticals, biomedicine and biotechnology cluster, providing a technology transfer, the prospect of creating a research and development infrastructure with the ability to develop R&D, commercialization of innovations and the formation of a center of competence in biological and chemical focus. Localization in the SEZ also implies compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards and environmental safety requirements.

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