Moglino SEZ shoots an image video clip!

28 August 2020

Moglino SEZ shoots an image video clip!

The direct presence at major industry events in Russia and the world is one of the most effective communication channels, which is aimed at finding new partners, investors and other representatives of the target audience for Moglino SEZ. Representatives of the special economic zone have the opportunity to make a presentation, answer to all questions, exchange contacts and continue cooperation due to participating in exhibitions, conferences and round tables. This strategy contributes in the strengthening of business ties.

For obvious reasons, this popularizing method and its advantages has temporarily lost its relevance. We have the growing necessity to expand the audience and strengthen the position of the Moglino industrial site in the ecosystem of the world industrial market and investments. Thus, it was decided to prepare a number of presentation materials that will be able to convey to the addressee not only the actual advantages of Moglino SEZ, such as ready-made infrastructure, the cost of land, tax holidays, etc., but also help to reveal the very essence of the project, its social component, its role for the future of our Pskov region.

This is how the idea to create an image video was born. The storyline symbolizes the general concept of close cooperation between Moglino SEZ and the Pskov State University, in which young people who have received high-quality education in various fields will be able to realize themselves at home - in the Pskov region, where industrial enterprises, those planning to locate their production in Moglino will be able to find highly qualified employees in our region, in which the level of socio-economic development of the Pskov region will stably and gradually grow.

Thanks to production studio for "Omni" for an interesting experience and a conceptually new approach. Can't wait to share the results of the work!

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