Natalia Yushko visited Skolkovo

1 October 2020


Architecture and master plan for a next-generation land area is not only infrastructure and engineering matter. The idea of developing Moglino 2 in the concept of an industrial tech-park, based on the R&D center as the core encourages the search best practices at hand. Reviewing the projects that have been already implemented we are following in the predictive way. Today, the director of the Molino SEZ Natalya Iushko has visited the Skolkovo Foundation to get the counterparts expertise and specifics of established technology-based infrastructure, services for further extrapolation in Moglino 2. Skolkovo today is the referent model of innovation ecosystems in Russia, generating 101 bln rubles revenues annually.

The head of the Skolkovo Fund regional development department Yuri Sibirskiy shared his experience in creating science-engaged enterprises and promoting innovative products not only in Skolkovo. He has supervised the Tomsk Regional Technology Transfer Center development. Yuri said: “The accumulated experience allows us here at Skolkovo not only support and consulting but to target-modelling under new project's mission and vision. Accordingly, what benefits and core competitiveness planned to reach.

Counterparts have the brainstorm session to design the conception of innovative landscapes by Pskov region. Thus, Alexander Fertman, Director of Skolkovo Fund Science and Education, Yuri Sibirskiy and the head of the Moglino SEZ analyzed the regional profile regarding the potential for R&D development, regional sectors of economy and specialization, taking into account the demographic and historical heritage the North-West Russian part in general. The prospect of integration with research centers of St. Petersburg's projects can get a "roof over” in the Pskov region is one possible option for the research cooperation. “Scaling up the technology and innovation infrastructure, creating centers of excellence as well as integrating with global value chains is a reliable bridge to a new economic reality,” Natalia has said.


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