30 June 2020

On June 25, Natalia Yushko, Moglino SEZ CEO visited construction site of the anchor resident - Titan-Polymer. The main purpose of the visit was to assess the prospects of the localization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Pskov region scientific and technological cluster. Governor of the Pskov region, Mikhail Vedernikov, delegated to work this issue through.

Titan-Polymer CEO, Gherman Petrushko gave a tour around the construction site. During the visit, he showed the technological zones of the enterprise, which include a customs zone, finished goods warehouse, and the main manufacturing building.

During the meeting, the parties discussed issues affecting the implementation of a major investment project. This is the development of transport infrastructure, the production of energy and electricity, the construction of the necessary related infrastructure in the framework of the second phase of the Moglino SEZ.

The modern BOPET production building is designed using innovative technologies. During the construction of the building, new engineering solutions are applied: the workshop is equipped with an internal funicular, the Italian conveyor system Bonfanti and a modern air supply system.

“Now, we are in the active stage, work is underway on the construction of the main production building, the delivery of basic technological equipment to produce BOPET films is being carried out. About 100 cars with specialized imported equipment have already arrived at the construction site, another 200 cars will arrive before the end of the year. The installation of equipment is scheduled to begin in July. Currently, about 3.8 billion rubles have already been invested in the project, of which more than 1 billion rubles have been spent,” said Gherman Petrushko, CEO of Titan-Polymer. - The first production line of BOPET films will be launched at the end of 2020 in test mode. In July, we will begin to actively recruit staff. To ensure the functioning of only the first line, we will recruit about 130 employees of working professions. Later, personnel will be required to operate the second BOPET film production line.”

Titan-Polymer is a base for the formation of an industry cluster. At the moment, we are working on the main strategic task - the formation of a list of related areas of production activity, as well as a technology-innovation laboratory, forming not only a single production value chain, but also an industry research center,” Natalia Yushko, Moglino SEZ CEO commented.


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