Natalya Yushko, Moglino SEZ acting CEO gave a LIFE interview

6 August 2020

Within the conversation, she answered several questions about the activities of the management company of Moglino SEZ, one of which concerned the purchase of marketing services for 70 million rubles.
“The lot is divided into two parts,” Natalya explained, “One, worth 10 million rubles, includes a set of PR events: presentations, road shows, direct negotiations with investors, and so on. Here we expect a well-developed plan to attract foreign investors to Moglino.
The second psrts, if exaggerated, can be called a competition for professional marketers.
The contractor is required to carry out a full cycle of events from attracting an investor and obtaining resident status, to putting an industrial facility into operation.
We will pay for each successful project in the amount of 6 million rubles, or 5% of the minimum possible investment of our residents.
Payment is made only after completion of the mentioned cycle. To make it simple, we pay 60 million for 10 new factories that will deploy their activities in Moglino following the results of the Contractor's work.
The lack of results deprives of remuneration - and this is the main motivation of the performer to carry out quality work.
It is too early to talk about any results of the purchase. Three participants entered the competition, but none of them was admitted to the competition due to an incomplete set of documents"

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