Weekly agenda 14.08.2020

14 August 2020

Environmental management standards, "Industry 4.0", an increase in the role of universities in the development of the region and other topics were discussed by experts of specialized fields on August 12 at the meeting of the "5 o’clock" club.

Moglino SEZ once again united representatives of science, business and government in the discussion of conceptual issues of "Sustainable Development". The agenda of the meeting of the "5 o’clock" club included reports and discussions on research and development work, as well as ISO standards in Moglino SEZ. As a result of the meeting, we can conclude that the strategy for the development of science and education in the context of regional specialization is the transition to a new industrial order of the 4th generation.

This time, representatives not only from different regions of Russia, but also different parts of the world participated in "5 o’clock". In a remote format Bob de Wit, a professor at Nienrode Business University in the Netherlands, specializing in the theory of industrial and technological development, recounted about Industry 4.0. The professor shared his research with the audience of Moglino SEZ on how deeply digital, biotechnologies and sustainable energy solutions affect the transformation of companies, industries, and societies. Dr. de Wit emphasized that the wave of digitalization and special technologies such as Big Data, blockchain and Smart Sustainability are transforming certain areas of society. Through technologies for the introduction of artificial intelligence, the Man himself will be upgraded to Homo Sapiens 2.0.

The Barcelona consulting agency, which works on investment localization, and the Federation of Free and Special Economic Zones of the World FEMOZA from Geneva, which provides supporting services for zones and the scaling of sustainable supply chains, were represented from the side of foreign business. Experts shared successful cases of building relations between the governments of European countries, the USA and special economic zones on the one hand, and with foreign investors on the other.

Russian science was represented by several scientists in the sphere of fundamental research development. Elena Tikhomirova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Saratov State Technical University, spoke about international environmental management standards at the 5 o’clock meeting, noted that the ISO standard is based on the integration of the environmental management system with the general management system of organizations. Also, a scientist specializing in polymer synthesis Viktor Kernitskiy shared technologies that can be successfully commercialized and become the basis for many business projects.

The Pskov State University was represented by Taras Antal, Doctor of Biological Sciences. The scientist spoke about the program of scientific and educational consortia "Vernadsky", which has been successfully uniting scientific centers throughout the country into a single network for 2 years, allowing them to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research. During "5 o’clock" the creation of the consortium "Vernadsky - Pskov region - Western Outpost" was announced, which is aimed at the effective use of advanced achievements of education, science and technology for the long-term development of the Pskov region.

«Moglino SEZ is a place to localize not only high-tech enterprises, but also a real prospect for R&D and a center of competence. We are confident in the success of our joint efforts and, above all, in the cooperation of business, government and science for the benefit of our region,» summed up Natalya Yushko, Acting CEO of Moglino SEZ.

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