Weekly agenda 21.08.2020

1 January 1970

Moglino SEZ joined the member list of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Joining the Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities and potential routes for development. “Interaction with the institutional environment for the formation of business partnerships among German-Russian industrialists, as well as attracting investors, is our goal and expectation from this membership,” explained Natalia Yushko, the acting CEO of Moglino SEZ

The members of the Chamber include companies from various fields of the economy - from aviation and space exploration to publishing and printing, from the entertainment industry to metallurgy. Thanks to the chamber, more than 5,000 German small and medium-sized businesses are already operating on the Russian market.

Considering about the channels for interaction with investors, Moglino SEZ is guided by a list of priority industries, such as agricultural machinery production, biochemical engineering and pharmaceuticals, food processing, electrical equipment and electronics, woodworking, production of building materials and others.

The membership in the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce is an opportunity to get acquainted with companies representing these sectors of the economy, build business relationships and, ideally, see them as investors in our industrial zone.

In addition, for many years Moglino SEZ has been a member of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce. As a mission, the Chamber outlined the thesis: "To help clients achieve success."

This is not just a slogan. This is a large and systematic work that allows Finnish companies to enter the Russian market and successfully implement their projects with the support of the Chamber.

One of the residents of Moglino SEZ, the Finnish paint and varnish productior Nor Maali, is also a member of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, which allows us to declare that Russia, in particular Moglino SEZ, is a good choice for localizing Finnish production. The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce exists since 1946 and today unites more than 700 companies.

Business associations, chambers of commerce and other associations are active platforms for exchanging experience, business communication, solving urgent business problems and representing the mutual interests of Russian and foreign companies.

The lack of interpersonal communication, as a result of the limitations associated with the pandemic, was felt by all participants of the last conference. However, when they first "got acquainted" on videoconferencing, representatives of the companies of the CCI members happily shook hands with a new business partner – Moglino SEZ at the conference and exchanged contacts, interesting for joint implementation ideas and a sense of solidarity in the fight against the challenges of the time.


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