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1 January 1970

The concept of sustainable development is a process of economic and social changes in coordination with natural resources, direction of investment, orientation of scientific, personal and technological development, institutional change and strengthen of the current and future potential to satisfy human needs and aspirations. For the Moglino Special Economic Zone, a responsible attitude to natural resources and the environment is a priority. The concept of Sustainable Development of Moglino SEZ as a driver of socio-economic development of the Pskov region embodies compliance with international environmental standards.

Every industrial project should have a system for treating industrial effluents as part of the regulatory framework. What is the infrastructure of treatment facilities in the Pskov SEZ?

On the territory of the special economic zone "Moglino-1", a system of local treatment systems has been installed, which purifies surface wastewater collected from roads, public areas and drainage facilities of our residents. Each plant on the territory of "Moglino" has its own water purification system, the wastewater collected from there is double treated. Further, the water flow in the Listovka River, which runs in the adjacent territory. 

Moglino SEZ is monitoring discharged effluents. Water intake for analyzes  immediately after cleaning, as well as at the place where the wastewater flows into the river and further downstream. The analysis of the state of the aquatic environment is implemented by a third-party independent organization. In the entire history of the analysis, the excess of the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances has never been found.

The mission of the special economic zone "Moglino" is the development of the industrial potential of the Pskov region through the localization of high-tech industries. At the same time, the SEZ management company is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the territories and all resources used.

In order to analyze this issue in detail, Moglino SEZ organized a conference within the framework of the session "5 o'clock", the theme of which was advanced methods of industrial wastewater treatment.

The session participants, representatives of science, business and government, participated in a discussion on the topic of treatment facilities, including those intended for industries of 1 and 2 hazard classes (the highest level of pollution), got acquainted with the reports on the stated theme and identified key points:

  •  Wastewater from chemical, light, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish and other industries can contain a whole range of organic pollutants, which are subject to a three-stage purification system using physical, chemical and biochemical methods.
  • Members of the club session learned about the adsorption method using multicomponent filters based on natural clay minerals, about filters with a mesh steel electrode, which purifies wastewater from toxicants by 99.82%.
  • A variety of industrial wastewater treatment systems using ISBS biotechnology, excluding the processing of excess sludge, its transportation and disposal, are especially widely used abroad and have their own patent. This technology works at the expense of a bioreactor, which contains bacteria that devour organic matter from waste water.
  • Utilization of sludge and sludge from sewage treatment plants is the most expensive item in the operating costs of wastewater treatment systems. But it is possible to sublimate the sludge and use it in the production of biogas for the heating system.

Moglino SEZ development strategy in accordance with international environmental standards provides for a budget allocated for the construction of modern industrial treatment facilities for resident enterprises.

Natalya Yushko, the acting CEO of the Management Company SEZ PPT Moglino, focused the attention of the participants and underscored: “Our task is to select modern technologies in industrial wastewater treatment from the optimal ones in terms of treatment characteristics, the cost of the treatment facilities themselves, as well as their further operation.” The ecological balance of the Pskov region, between rational use of resources, respect for nature, along with a developed high-tech industry is our value system is.

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