What can Moglino SEZ offer to foreign companies

25 September 2020

What can Moglino SEZ offer to foreign companies, besides providing the enterprise with high-quality industrial infrastructure and economic preferences?  Natalya Yushko, the acting CEO of Moglino SEZ, spoke at an online seminar dedicated to the prospects for the localization of Canadian enterprises in Russia. The organizers of the event were the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia and CERBA (Canadian Business Association in Russia and Eurasia).
Particular attention in the speech was paid to the strategic plan for the development of Moglino SEZ - four paradigms, part of which is an effective innovation ecosystem. Its pillars are: knowledge, capital, leading enterprises, innovators. That is why Moglino builds close ties with scientific and educational institutions of the Pskov region, is a center for attracting investments in technology, provides favorable conditions for mature enterprises with research and production facilities, promotes the development of startups, actively interacts with the regional government to build a favorable business infrastructure.
“To create manufacturing flexibility in their supply chains, and then fully use it through the value chain to the market, companies, which are planning to localize in Moglino SEZ, must take this trend into account and think in an integrative way,” Natalia Yushko said. Only those market actors who create an entire ecosystem in the external and internal environment that have the right set of skills, the right technological innovation and investment conveyor, as well as the right kind of joint development of new technologies for production will be able to take advantage of the available opportunities.”
Participation in this online seminar is an opportunity to meet potential partners, talk about the advantages of locating foreign production facilities in the Pskov SEZ.


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