What can Russia propose today?

25 June 2020

Moglino SEZ CEO Natalia Iushko is going to describe the global advantage, proposed by Moglino SEZ particularly and the Russian investment climate review will be sliding through that context.
It's clear that Russia has got the vast deposit of commodities which is our natural advantage; Our workforce is diligent, and science capacity is remarkable. The management is dealing with the worst things they have faced with. However, the situation is being healed by up-coming youngsters who have benefited from the diploma program from overseas. An average English language user is typically under the age of 30.
Acumen, inherited by the planned economy, is applying the costs account method rather than market competitive price. Hence, creating price policy, we have a significant discrepancy as often as not. As an example, free zone Ha costs 10 USD annually for rental and 100 USD to purchase. That is an administrative fee only. Thus, we bring in the European market free land sections with the full infrastructure such as gas, electricity, roads, water supply and water removal, everything to support setting up manufactories, establish a training centre, build accommodation and region R&D hub.

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