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Industrial and medical gas production

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Elme Messer Rus LLC

ELME MESSER GAAS is the leading gas company of the Baltic region. Founded in 1999 as a joint venture between A/S BLRT (Estonia) and MESSER GROUP (Germany).

The company supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases, as well as services to most industries: steel, chemical, glass, electronics, medicine, food, metallurgy, paper and even space.

Along with a complete range of industrial gases, the company offers a wide range of gases and products for medicine, environmental protection, research and development, as well as know-how, service and necessary equipment for gas applications.

The company has representative offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad region, St. Petersburg), two air separation plants in Latvia (Liepaja) and an air separation plant in Estonia (Narva).

Now a similar plant will appear in the Moglino SEZ.

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