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Termoholtz LLC

LLC "Termoholtz" plans to organize in the special economic zone "Moglino" the production of solid wood panels Thermoline CLT and Thermoline SP, used in the construction of prefabricated buildings (residential buildings and public buildings). The implementation of the project involves the construction of a plant for the production of solid wood panels (cross-laminated wood, CLT), intended for use in the construction industry as building materials.

THERMOLINE structural panels are the basis of the Thermoline industrial building system and represent a further modification of cross-laminated wood panels or CLT-panels (CLT - Cross Laminated Timber (cross-glued wood)).

Two types of structural panels can be produced on the production line:

1. THERMOLINE CLT fully wood panels of the highest quality according to European classification;

2. THERMOLINE SP structural panels made of natural wood with integrated rigid polyurethane foam insulation.

The resident's clients will be construction companies, individual builders from European countries, and in the future - from Russia, where such a market is just being formed.

The production of "Thermoholtz" is based on the time-tested and proven technology of the Austrian company Holyplus Gmbh. The partner will undertake the development of the production line, the selection of equipment and the control of compliance with standards in the production and subsequent installation of the produced panels.

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